Independent Consultancy

Consultancy & Design

As the industry changes so do we.  More and more often, as our reputation grows, we are being asked to provide not only the installation of bespoke waterproofing systems, but to provide independently designed solutions alongside the project design team – in some instances, prior to any construction taking place.

31712-DRAINAGE-CONCEPT-rev-BAlthough we are approved specialists of several of the leading manufacturers within the industry, we are not bound solely to one manufacturer, product, material or system and we are therefore in the unique position of being able to offer alternate and robust solutions for all aspects of the waterproofing scheme, based on our experiences and expertise, whatever the structure.

As designers we hold a dedicated Professional indemnity policy and when designing a reliable waterproofing solution – we will only specify suitable designs and products that we believe we would be happy to guarantee.

More to Offer

31712-3D-FW-JUNCTION-revBHere at Advanced Preservations we not only have remedial surveyors, but a dedicated and experienced design team comprising qualified waterproofing designers of differing experiences and backgrounds, to ensure we can offer you a considered and reliable solution based on your project.  Whatever the parameters.

Should you require initial information, a tailored design solution or a complete waterproofing package, please get in touch to see if we can be of assistance to you.

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