Pump Servicing

Pump Servicing


Failing to maintain your pumping system may drastically increase the risk of failure and likelihood of your basement flooding.


pump-bodyimage-02If you have a sump and pump system installed as part of your basement waterproofing scheme (usually a Cavity drain membrane system – often referred to as a Newton or Delta system), ensuring that this equipment is fully functioning and capable of discharging water when required is essential to protect your basement.

After all, it is likely that the sump and pump is at the heart your waterproofing defence and if the water cannot be removed, your basement may be at risk of flooding when a reliable pump is most needed.  In fact, annual maintenance may be a condition of your guarantee.

pump-bodyimage-01Although the systems we specify and install are top of the range, specialist ground water pumping systems, making sure they are checked regularly to be in good working order is critical to protecting your space.

As a professional and specialist company, we can offer an annual pump maintenance service to make sure that your system is in good condition if required.

Quality Service

Our trained pump installation and maintenance technicians will inspect all aspects of your pumping set up, including pump impeller condition and free rotation, signs of corrosion or damage, the correct and unimpeded movement of activation floats, free flowing check valves, the power supply and alarm panels etc.


Should you wish to know more about organising a pump service for your pumping system, please feel free to head over to our contact page and get in touch, where we can organise a service for you or offer more information.