Basement Storage Waterproofing in Brockley, South East London

Client: Domestic Homeowner

Brief: To convert an existing damp cellar and provide Basement Storage Waterproofing in South East London

This residential property in Brockley, South East London had a large cellar spanning the footprint of the house that had been largely unused in any meaningful way for years due to an ongoing dampness and water seepage issue.  ‘DIY’ attempts had been made to upgrade a section of the cellar with polythene plastic and some boarding to allow some storage, but the damp issues had caused this to deteriorate and water ingress throughout the rest of the area rendered it largely unusable.

The importance of working together

From the outset, we worked closely with the client to understand their required end use and provide a totally upgraded space, transforming the wet, unreliable cellar into a dry and now pleasant space, perfect for their storage needs.

The initial scope of works included removal of excess soil, levelling of the existing damp floor, improving the head height and installing a new concrete slab throughout the area to provide a reliable and solid floor.  Following this we installed a bespoke waterproofing scheme that entailed the sealing of vulnerable joints where water ingress had previously been an issue, the installation of a new dedicated sump pump system and the application of a full cavity drain membrane system throughout to control the dampness and moisture vapour that can affect the internal environment.

As the space is to be primarily to be used as a dry area for storage of personal effects only with periodic access, in this scenario the basement space can be left with the waterproof membrane system exposed and neatly installed on the walls, which allows the space to be upgraded with future habitable wearing finishes at a later date if a more aesthetic finish is ever required.

By installing a system designed to deal with the groundwater around the property, the client has reclaimed over 600 square feet of usable space beneath their home.

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