Domestic Basement Water Ingress & Remediation – Farnham, Surrey

Client: Domestic Homewoner

Brief: To solve water ingress issue and reinstate new finishes

When localised dampness started affecting the walls of this large domestic basement, the client contacted us to survey, investigate and understand how serious the issue was.  By thorough and methodical investigation, we discovered that the basement structure had a serious water ingress issue, due to a lack of protection at key junctions during its construction.  Considerable water accumulation within the floor build was discovered leading to the dampness that had become evident

Working closely with the homeowner, we set about designing a remedial solution and undertook the successful steps to provide a robust and complete waterproof space.

Using a combined waterproofing strategy, we successfully stripped out the affected basement finishes, stemmed the water ingress and implemented a full, robust and guaranteed waterproofing solution before reinstating internal build ups to restore this fantastic cinema and games room to a dry and functional space.