Specialist Timber repair: Dick Turpin’s Cottage

Location: Between the 14th and 15th fairways – Burhill Golf Club

Products Used: Rotafix timber/resin & Newton Membranes

Burhill is set in beautiful Surrey parkland and was established in 1907 by the Guinness family. Its courses and facilities bear comparison with any in the feted golfing county of England.

Mature trees line the fairways and inbetween the 14th and 15th, lies the residential ‘Dick Turpin’s Cottage’.  This fantastic and historic cottage was previously an alehouse, and some say it was used as a hideout by the legendary highwayman – where it now gets its name.

The several hundered years of weather however hadn’t been kind to the historic cottage and dampness, timber decay and movement had significantly affected the structure with historic repairs not solving the issue.  As such after being contacted by the Golf Club, we set out to breath some life into the structure and developed a scheme to treat, repair, strengthen and secure the building.

Sections of significant timber decay were cut away, timber members manipulated back into place, bespoke and invisible resin repairs conducted, carefully selected and moisture matched timber spliced back in, masonry repairs complete and a ventilated membrane damp proofing system installed prior to finishing.  This historic structure should now stand for many years to come and once again be a fantastic hideaway.