Condensation Control

Condensation is a naturally occurring event and centres around the basic fact that warm air can hold more moisture vapour than cold air. In Simple terms condensation occurs when warm moist air is cooled and it can no longer contain the same amount of water.

The inside of a property effectively has its own micro climate. When moisture laden air, primarily created by the occupiers’ lifestyle (i.e. from bathing and cooking, etc) circulates around the property in the form of moisture vapour, when it comes into contact with a cold surface, water is released. This is most readily detectable on windows or other impervious surfaces as droplets or in severe cases stream of water running down the surface.
In addition to surface condensation within the visible living accommodation, condensation can also occur undetected in such places as sub-floor voids at ground level and roof spaces where significant structural damage can occur to the timbers.
Methods of Control
The control of condensation is very much specific to individual properties and the life style of the occupants, however there are two primary control measures which are fundamental to the control of condensation, these are:

  1. Increase levels of ventilation/moisture extraction
  2. Maintaining even room temperatures

While this may sound easy, in practice it can be difficult to achieve and in severe cases only a professional assessment and carefully considered air management systems can control condensation to an acceptable level.
There are many things you can try to resolve problems within your property, such as correct insulation, good air flow, dehumidification and anti-mould products. If you feel you need to discuss any of these measures further then please get in contact with us today and we will be happy to help.