Advice on Controlling Rising Damp in Surrey

Rising damp is the action of water being drawn up through the masonry of the property, and can cause serious damage to the internal appearance of the property and the structural integrity of the property itself. There are many reasons as to why rising damp occurs, but the most common is a poorly installed damp proofing system or the lack of any damp proofing system. As industry experts in basement waterproofing, we at Advanced Preservations Ltd have some valuable advice on how you can go about controlling the rising damp already present in your home.

Damp is a serious problem, and while it create an unpleasant environment for you to live it and often ruins your furnishing, furniture and venetian blinds Surrey, it is the structural side effects that are cause for concern. This is why it is so important to take control of your damp problem and call in a professional, and fully qualified damp proofer.

Eradicate Rising Damp

Once you have rising damp, it is often futile to install a damp proofing system as the mineral traces left behind by the water, and which have already been absorbed, act like a sponge, in that it will draw up more water into the building work. Therefore any masonry which has traces of these minerals will need to treated, and in the worst case scenario removed, to prevent damp from becoming a reoccurring problem.

Damp Proof Installation

Once the damp has been completely removed, you then need to call in a qualified damp proofer, like the team found here at Advanced Preservation Ltd, to install a damp proof system correctly. This should protect your property from the threat of rising damp, and restore the usability of your home.

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