Top Basement Conversion Ideas for Your Home

With so many of us struggling to hold onto space, homeowners are now expanding their homes in other creative ways with basement conversions. Homes are often bought with a disused basement, or they have suffered from dampness and mould and require an intense conversion. If your home in Hampshire has a basement suffering from dampness and you are considering a basement conversion, then transforming it into a completely new living area can breathe life into a once dull and dreary room, and can even add value to your property.

We’ve put together some great ideas for your basement conversion so you can start building your dream living space.

Entertainment Room

Many people transform their basements into entertainment rooms or home cinemas for dedicated film watchers. This brings a new dynamic to the building, allowing you to choose which living area can be committed to everyday use.

Utility Room

Many homeowners are moving their washing machines and tumble dryers into their basements, freeing up space on the ground floor of the home. This is a great way of utilising extra space to create another room within your home.


If you live in an area of Hampshire where there are variations in property value, then adding an extra bedroom to your home with a basement conversion can drastically increase its value. With many families growing larger, turning a disused basement into another bedroom and expanding your home is a great alternative to moving house, and is more cost effective.


It’s everyone’s dream to have their own home gym. Having the luxury of your own gym means no more waiting for equipment, no overcrowded spaces and no unfriendly smells. Plus, you’ll save money on an expensive gym membership every year.

If you’re considering a basement conversion for your home in Hampshire and require either basement waterproofing or tanking, then please don’t hesitate to contact us on 01252 333 310 and we’ll be happy to help.