Advice on Woodworm in Surrey

If left to progress for a prolonged period of time, the effects of a woodworm infestation can be devastating. Despite woodworm being difficult to initially prevent, once an infestation has been found, a number combative techniques can be used to eradicate the problem. As experts in dealing with woodworm Surrey you can rely on us at Advanced Preservations to provide you with all the advice you may need, along with a team to resolve your problem quickly and effectively.

The first piece of advice we would give is to call upon our services at the first sign of woodworm. On first noticing a problem you may think it is not too serious, however there is a strong possibility that the problem is more developed internally than it looks externally and will get progressively worse if left without treatment. It may well be that you initially only have a minor outbreak but if left to develop the problem will quickly escalate and cause far more extensive damage.

On calling upon our services here at Advanced Preservations, the next step is to assess the problem and diagnose whether it is currently active, dead or is being caused by something other than woodworm. It is always advisable to take on board the course of action that our talented team of experts believe will be most effective as they have a number of years experience in the industry and have treated and resolved various cases of woodworm in the past.

Although it is difficult to protect against woodworm, keeping rooms well ventilated and avoiding heightened humidity levels is the best option to reduce the risk. We also advise you to treat any new timber with chemical preserver and invest in insecticidal polish to be used on furniture to diminish the chance of any further problems.

If you have encountered an issue with woodworm Surrey you shouldn’t try to tackle it yourself. Calling on our team at Advanced Preservations will see the latest techniques and equipments being used to successfully eradicate the problem and prevent its return at the first time of asking.