Professional Basement Waterproofing for your Home

In this tough financial climate, many of us are struggling to get the space we truly need for our family within our property. With many families staying put as opposed to moving to bigger premises, now is the time to look at other ways to improve upon the space within your home. Basements are often considered a dumping ground for our belongings, but with professional basement waterproofing from Advanced Preservations, this space can be utilised as a safe and secure room for you to use as you desire.

From a basement bar to an additional living room, your basement could be the perfect solution to the lack of space within your home, provided you take the measures necessary to ensure the room is waterproof. Failing to do so could lead to devastating consequences with personal belongings being damaged beyond repair.

When it comes to waterproofing your basement, you need a company who are fully compliant with the basic waterproofing standards for basements; this includes a team of fully qualified surveyors who can assess your requirements and the current state of the room.

When providing practical, long term waterproofing solutions, it is imperative you choose a reputable company who are more than familiar with a range of techniques to ensure the best method is deployed in relation to the needs of your basement.

It is equally as important that the surveyor is trained highly in evaluating the source of the damp so they can recommend the best course of action, this could be anything from inserting drainage systems, injection mortars or electro osmotic systems. We use waterproofing solutions approved by the British Board of Agreement, so you can rest assured both our methods and practices are of the highest quality.

Gain some essential space within your home with basement waterproofing from Advanced Preservations. Having been in the industry for 25 years we can assure you that what we don’t know about waterproofing methods simply isn’t worth knowing. For further information visit our website for a full overview of how our solutions can enhance your home.