April Showers: How To Prevent Mould Growth

Spring has finally sprung and us Brits are once again being graced with April showers and the wet Spring weather. Rain is nothing we’re not familiar with, as we’re often greeted by it, however, it can be a real pain for homes when mould starts to appear and grow. Mould is great for some things, such as cheese and penicillin, but it can be extremely dangerous within the home as the toxic spores travel throughout the room and can be detrimental to your health.

We’ve put together a few tips on how you can prevent the April showers causing mould growth in your home:

Assess the room. Look around, is there condensation on the window? Is the basement always wet? Is there a leak? Identifying the cause is the first step to prevention. It might mean you need to pull the carpet up and damp proof the basement or maybe the gutters need replacing. If you require major waterproofing work done to your home then it might be a worthwhile investment.

Dry wet patches. Moisture is the main ingredient for mould. You can prevent April showers from happening, but you can be resistant to them. If you spot any wet areas, such as a window with condensation or water collecting on a window sill which is leaking onto the wall then dry it immediately. Dry the walls and sides after you use the shower too if the bathroom is notorious for mould growth.

Ventilate your home. Once the rain has passed, open any windows you can and turn the heating on to warm your home and dry any possible wet areas. Activities such as cooking, having a shower and doing laundry can cause excess moisture in the room.

Replace gutters. Check your gutters to see if they’re blocked, as this could lead to leaking water into your roof. Check for any leaves and debris as April showers are notorious for bringing nature’s finest into your gutters. Ensure they’re cleaned out regularly and have them checked for any structural damage.

Improve ventilation. You need good airflow in order for the air to hold moisture well. With poor ventilation in your home, the moisture is forced onto the walls. To improve airflow, open windows, open doors and pull furniture away from the walls slightly.

Remove mould from plants. The soil is the perfect environment for mould to thrive, if you spot any mould, remove it immediately. It’s tough to prevent it entirely on plants.

For more tips and to see which services we can provide to help you and your home manage the April showers, visit our damp proofing page. If damp and mould is a persistent problem in your home and you require professional help then contact Advanced Preservations today on 01252 333 310 or fill in our contact form.