The Dangers of Damp: The Effects of Damp and Mould in Your Home

As a homeowner, you will experience a number of different headaches; your washing machine packing in, your boiler playing up and having to bleed a radiator to name but a few. Without adding to your list of worries, there is a more serious, underlying issue which may prove to be the biggest headache of them all. Damp and mould can cause irreversible problems to your home and can have a negative effect on your health, too. Since you’ve been warned, why don’t we explain ourselves?

Effects of Damp and Mould on Your Home

Structurally, damp and mould can be terminal. When moisture settles into the wood it will weaken it and the sturdiness of your home will slowly erode as time goes on. The damp can also cause other problems such as woodworm, which can slowly work its way around the room and start munching away on your cabinets, wardrobes and tables.

Effects of Damp and Mould on Your Home

Besides from the obvious structural problems, damp and mould can also cause problems for your health. The moisture in the air caused by the damp and mould can lead to respiratory problems, particularly for children and the elderly.

Anyone with eczema and a weakened immune system is significantly more susceptible to the irritants and sometimes toxic substances that the damp and mould can cause.

People suffering from asthma will feel the full force of this issue as it can set off an attack, and it can also trigger certain allergies. Perhaps more seriously, the moisture can lead to infections, which in most cases can go on to cause more severe health problems.

Now we’ve addressed the effects of damp and mould in your home, it is time you put your washing machine worries to the back of your mind and prioritise the waterproofing and preservation of your home. To arrange a consultation with one of our experienced damp proofing experts, call us on 01252 333 310 or use our digital messaging service to leave us a message.