Domestic Damp Proofing in Hampshire

Have you noticed signs of damp at your property? The chances are that if your property is not adequately damp proofed, you will already see, or begin to see adverse effects in the future. No one wants an invasion of dry rot or woodworm in your home, and should such conditions occur, you may be left with a large restoration project on your hands. Set your mind at rest with a company who specialises in damp proofing Hampshire, to amend and protect your home from the unfortunate implications of damp, with Advanced Preservations.

Damp may occur at your property due to a number of reasons. Unlike below ground areas, above ground space is able to remain free from unwelcome damp due to its height and positioning. Unfortunately, below ground structures or living spaces are susceptible to water which may seep into your property, due to factors such as impervious soil, or local flooding.

Here at Advanced Preservations, we are experts within all areas of damp from complete basement waterproofing through to dry rot – from the initial diagnosis to meticulously planned treatment. If you suspect any damp has occurred at your property, we are able to first assess the area for you. Our technical surveyor will fully explain any problems detected, and the proposed remedial methods to be taken. You will also be provided expert advice on the most cost-effective, structurally sympathetic and most beneficial methods of damp proofing, to ensure you have a clear and accurate idea of the situation, prior to any work being carried out.

With extensive experience in damp proofing Hampshire methods, we have been able to use our professional services to continue ensuring the protection and resilience against damp, for homes all over Surrey, Hampshire and Berkshire. If you have any further questions, our qualified team of surveyors are happy to offer valuable advice on how to effectively identify and treat damp.