Commercial Damp Proofing in Berkshire

As a commercial property owner an area that is often a struggle is having adequate storage space. It may be that your property has a basement that is in no fit state to hold your stock, however with the right techniques and a touch of TLC, the ideal storage space can easily be created. An important aspect to consider when redesigning your commercial property’s basement is protection against the elements and here at Advanced Preservations we are experts in damp proofing Berkshire.

Damp proofing ensures that any stock you may have and the general structure of your property is effectively protected against any threat of water damage. Our experienced damp proofing surveyors will comprehensively study the basement of your property before informing you of an adequate damp proofing solution as well as devising a cost for the work to be carried out.

Damp proofing issues can also occur in newer commercial properties where the standard of the build has not been up to scratch. We are well equipped to deal with new and old build damp proofing and will always provide you with the most cost effective and structurally advantageous system for each individual property.

Our skills here at Advanced Preservations cover the whole process of basement conversion and dealing with damp and unusable basements and cellars. From complete basement waterproofing through to dealing with dry rot, we can help to create a dry and accessible basement for any number of purposes.

If you have been looking for extra storage space for your commercial property or are looking for an area to extend and further showcase your goods, then our service here at Advanced Preservations for damp proofing Berkshire can help to create the ideal extra space in your basement. To get in touch with our team for further information, feel free to fill in our online contact form and we will get back to you.