How to Stop Condensation Forming in Your House

The dark and chilly winter months create the perfect foundations for a home struggling with condensation and many homeowners are uncertain on how to stop condensation forming. Our normal everyday activities (cooking, heating, laundry, showering, and even breathing) can create extra moisture and different surface temperatures within the atmosphere. If the build-up is greater than the ventilation then alarming levels of condensation can appear. The growth of mould is every homeowner’s nightmare, as not only does it cause rotting and deterioration, but can also greatly harm those living amongst it, causing serious health issues.


We’ve put together some top tips on how to stop condensation building up in your home, so you can protect yourselves and your property from mould.


Open Windows


One of the simplest ways to stop condensation forming is to simply open a window. Creating an exit for moisture and warm air will prevent any damp areas being created in the room.

An image showing an open window preventing condensation

Extractor Fans


Installing an extractor fan in your bathroom and kitchen is a great way of reducing moisture-laden air. Not only will it remove any moisture in the air but also helps to regulate the temperature in the room.


Close Doors


Closing the door while you’re showering or cooking will prevent warm air entering a cold room which can then cause condensation.


Regulate the Temperature


The most important tip on how to stop condensation is to create a balanced temperature throughout your property. Condensation is caused when warm air enters a room with cold air, which then produces moisture.


Use Lids When Cooking


One of the easiest ways to stop moisture is to use lids during cooking as this will prevent the vapour leaving the pot and gathering on the walls.

An image showing cooking pots with their lids on to prevent condensation

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