Membrane Recycling Scheme

With an ever-increasing concern of global warming and its effects on the environment, it is essential that we all do our bit to minimise and control what we use, how we use it and what we do with it once it’s done.  This, more than ever, includes businesses.  As a company that installs a wide range of products made from varying materials, we are proud to be a participating member in a one of a kind membrane recycling scheme within the construction industry.

The Membrane Recycling Process

In 2017, Newton Specialist Basement Contractors began collecting bags of waste HDPE plastic for recycling as part of their Membrane Recycling Service.

Waste material generated by offcuts that would have previously found its way to landfill is now collected and returned to the manufacturers to be recycled.  The process has a carefully considered infrastructure to ensure that recycled membrane is only collected on the back of a scheduled delivery, meaning there are no unnecessary carbon emissions and the process is as close to carbon neutral as possible. This is only possible due to our standing as an approved and contributing member of the Newton NSBC network.

To make things even more efficient, a large portion of the recycled membrane is formed into new pipework for re-use within the construction industry to form a closed-loop recycling process  Any profits made from the sale of the raw, recycled material are donated to charity.

To learn more about the process, watch the short, animated video below:

Our Contribution to Date

As of October 2018, 534kg of otherwise waste membrane product has been recycled, which equates to:

  • 613.56kg of CO2 saved
  • 279.27 litres of petrol
  • 2398.24 kWh of energy, which is worth £344.63
  • Enough energy to make 85,271 cups of tea

Advanced Preservations Ltd

Here at Advanced Preservations Ltd, we are a proud member of the Newton specialist basement contractor recycling scheme and all of the excess material from our Basement installations are recycled.

For more information on the scheme, watch the video below. It talks further about the process, motivations, and even provides some testimonials from those involved.