A Quick Guide to What Causes Damp

Dampness is a growing issue in both modern and traditional homes that is often treated improperly or left untreated entirely. Furthermore, what causes damp can be confusing, but, can usually be explained by either a sudden increase in the amount of moisture entering a building or the moisture present being trapped and unable to naturally dissipate.


Poor or damaged plumbing is a common cause for dampness in domestic and commercial properties alike. Drips and leaks from loose fittings or corroded pipework can lead to localised patches of damp after the materials of the affected area are repeatedly exposed to amounts of moisture that cannot evaporate fast enough. This problem can quickly spread to a larger area if not treated quickly as water will splash, creating an increasingly large area of exposure.

Leaking Gutters

Leaking gutters can cause water to run directly down the side of the buildings, or may result in splatters to the surfaces below, whether they be window sills or the ground itself. Much as is true with the aforementioned plumbing issue, the consistent exposure means dissipation is almost impossible and problems will continue to grow unless the issue is resolved.

Water can also enter the roof space directly from leaking gutters, which is a problem that is less obvious.


Condensation is one of the most common causes of damp in modern homes, and is caused by warm water vapour in the air coming into contact with cooler materials. The water vapour is trapped in the property, meaning the only course of action is to interact with the cooler surrounding structures and form condensation. This process is associated with the formation of black mould if the space is not consistently heated and properly ventilated.

Naturally, there are many other causes of damp that we have not discussed today. Issues such as rotting downpipes and blocked window sill grooves also hold properties that make them susceptible to damp, but here you have a basic guide to what causes damp.

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