Methods of Basement Waterproofing

For many, the basement may be an area of the home associated with damp and darkness that is only fit for storage. However, undertaking the right processes can see the damp removed and the basement becoming an extension of your home. One such process is basement waterproofing and here at Advanced Preservations we have the team and equipment required to carry out each method associated with the procedure.

Cavity Drain Membrane

This is the method of basement waterproofing that we prefer to undertake as it is the most sympathetic to the brick structure of your property. With the basement being the main area of a property to be hit by damp due to its location, installing cavity drain membrane will see immediate results that will enable your basement to become a more usable space.

Combined Systems

There may well be a reason that cavity wall membrane will not work on your particular property, in which case we will adapt and use a variety of methods for basement waterproofing. This may well include techniques such as damp proofing slurry coatings, epoxy resins and multi-coat render systems.

Whatever method of basement waterproofing we conduct here at Advanced Preservations, you can rest assured that we are leading and approved installers. With a technical survey conducted before any work commences we will be able to advise you on the most efficient, cost effective method of waterproofing your basement that will also have no effect on the structural stability of the whole property.

As we look to add space to our homes, why not consider basement waterproofing to make the area below your feet suitable for use? With a variety of waterproofing and damp proofing methods in our capabilities, we at Advanced Preservations will make sure that the most suitable procedure is completed on your property to see the best results.